Work in street lighting? Had a Freedom of Information request? Here is the ILP’s advice

Apr 14, 2021 | Industry

Several ILP members working within local authorities are receiving Freedom of Information requests relating to street lighting assets, budgets and adaptive lighting: dimming and switching off.

The questions relating to dimming and switch off may be misinterpreted as they have been included as a ‘double question’, despite being very different practices.

We recommend that you break down the data to ensure that the figures provided are clear to the FOI applicant. An ILP volunteer has produced an adaptable spreadsheet which will help you to do this in a meaningful way, giving a true and accurate picture. The spreadsheet is available by clicking here.

When making decisions regarding adaptive lighting the ILP urges those with responsibility for street lighting to refer to Professional Lighting Guide 08: Guidance on the Application of Adaptive Lighting with the Public Realm.

As Vice President for Local Authorities, I know the realities of working in the street lighting arena and I am pleased to share this helpful information to support other ILP members. Do get in touch if there is anything you need from the ILP.

Michala Medcalf, ILP Vice President for Local Authorities

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