ILP Bristol CPD Webinar: SLIC Decision Support Tool for Public Lighting

Aug 17, 2021 | Bristol LDC Webinar, CPD, Webinars

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SLIC Decision Support Tool: A tool to aid decision making in the adoption of innovative public lighting technologies and techniques for economic savings, environmental sustainability and social inclusion in smart cities.

The Smart Light Concepts (SLIC) Decision Support Tool (DST) is a web-based tool designed to support users in making decisions on innovative techniques for energy savings, energy efficiency and renewable energy use in public lighting. These techniques/actions aim to increase the uptake of sustainable public lighting concepts and carbon reduction by managing authorities. The concept will take into account the various public lighting situations/road configurations; rural, urban, historic cities, a combination of technologies. The tool is useful for calculating the expected energy use, light performance, and cost of street lighting upgrades for the areas which are defined in the SLIC project.

In this session, the speaker will present the SLIC DST framework, tool demonstration and the evaluation result of the tool by pilot partners of the SLIC project.

Speaker: Ramazan Esmeli MSc, BEng, University of Portsmouth.

Hosts: Claire Gough, Chair ILP Bristol and Tom Lewis, Vice Chair ILP Bristol.


Q1:Do you take [into account] the variety of optics available in the market when comparing scenarios?

Scenario comparison is done between three different scenarios in the tool. They are baseline, upgrade and alternative scenarios. The lighting inputs for each scenario is the key inputs to calculate the impacts and costs. The lamp specifications are very flexible where use can create their own type of lamp with its features and they can use this lamp for scenario creation.

Q2:Could the lamp input template use elexon lamp codes and switch regimes rather than a limited drop down list?

Lamp types in drop-down list are limited to most common lamp types used in the industry currently, which are LED, HPS and MH. However the manufacturer name of the lamp and other identifications can be given using name input field that will give flexibility to define user’s lamp.

Q3: What is the cost for using the tool?

Using the tool is free and accessible to everyone.

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