British Standard BS5489 for road lighting is changing

Jan 31, 2020 | Government & Policy

BS5489 for road lighting is changing and the public draft has been released for comment.

BS 5489-1 Design of road lighting. Part 1: Lighting of roads and public amenity areas – Code of practice

This part of BS5489 gives recommendations on the general principles of road lighting and its aesthetic and technical aspects, and advises on operation and maintenance. It provides guidance on means of minimizing energy consumption.

It gives recommendations for the design of lighting for all types of highway and public thoroughfare, including those specifically for pedestrians and cyclists, and for pedestrian subways and bridges. It excludes the lighting of vehicular tunnels and underpasses, which are covered in BS 5489‑2.

It gives recommendations for the design of lighting for urban centres and public amenity areas. It gives recommendations and guidance for lighting relating to smart cities.

It gives additional recommendations for lighting around aerodromes, railways, coastal waters, harbours and navigable waterways, in order to minimize the possibility of the lighting interfering with these modes of transport.

Read the draft and comment here.

Comment by 17 February 2020

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