The ILP launches latest online training course: Fundamental Street Lighting.

Apr 12, 2021 | CPD, Industry, Training

This latest course from the ILP is for street lighting engineers old and new, asset managers, trainees, apprentices and all those involved in street lighting maintenance. Ever wondered why maintenance operations are carried out the way they are? Do you know how unmetered energy is managed, billed and what the ‘ring-fenced’ definition for an unmetered supply is? Then this course is for you. A course filled with information and practical advice that identifies the issues and options then discusses solutions available.

You might not have had the opportunity for formal training in this area – we aim to make sure you have the practical knowledge you need to add to your competency in four key areas:

  • Lighting and the law, risk management and lighting units
  • Electrical supplies, unmetered energy and switch regimes
  • Equipment specification, lighting design and electrical design
  • Inventories, inspection and testing and lighting policy development

Our online training platform is open to everyone but if you are an ILP member, you can access our courses at a discounted rate.

You can access the course here:

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.