Second Interactive CPD showcase announced for Light, Seen

Jan 4, 2021 | CPD, Events, Projects

Everyone is welcome, with your camera on and questions encouraged.

Our second showcase is presented by Telensa and will be about 10 years of CMS – why should Councils consider it every time for their lighting assets.

This focused showcase will drill down into the business case for smart street lighting, taking into account facts from long running real-life deployments here in the UK. It will help delegates work out what the benefits might be for their residents by having CMS-controlled street lights and which councils have already gone down this route. Delegates will explore all the elements that make up the business case. These include operational and qualitative drivers for smart streetlighting as well as the financing options available so that delegates can see how councils should consider smart street lighting for any new projects but also to look retrospectively at installations that have already taken place.

The presenter will be David Orchard, UK Sales Director for Telensa. David has over 8 years’ experience in the outdoor lighting industry, covering the transition from HID to LED, and from basic controls to Smart City applications.

Booking is open now for the event on 21 January at 11.00 GMT.

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