PLG26 Corrosion Protection of Minor Structures

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PLG26 supersedes Technical Report 26 Painting of Lighting Columns. This document will be of use to those improving or constructing minor structures.


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This document updates and supersedes Technical report 26 Painting of Lighting Columns. Lighting columns, sign posts and the like are classified as minor structure in Design Manual for Roads and Bridges so it only seems fitting that the revision should reflect this change.

This document will be of use to all those considering improving or constructing minor structures such as lighting columns, sign posts, cctv columns and masts on roads, car parks, rail, docks, harbours and airports. In fact, it’s a document that can be used in a wide range of similar situations for public sector, retail, commercial and leisure industries.

PLG26 is a vital publication aimed at civil engineers, exterior lighting professionals, asset managers, contractors, professionals, designers and manufacturers. It provides a comprehensive and impartial guidance on a wide range of corrosion protective systems, their preparation, application and maintenance.

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