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The purpose of this document is to define a conflict area as referenced in BS5489-1:2013 Road Lighting, CIE Standards and EN13201.


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The purpose of this document is to define a conflict area as referenced in BS5489-1:2013 Road Lighting, CIE Standards and EN13201 and to provide the lighting designers with guidance to lighting such areas and the application of conflict areas.

Since the issue of the British Standard for Highway Lighting BS5489: 2003, the application of Conflict Areas has caused a significant degree of confusion. The definition as published in BS 5489: 2003, say “Conflict areas are typically junctions, intersections, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings, where significant streams of motorized traffic intersect with each other, or, with other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

It is easy to see that such a definition leaves significant room for interpretation and now that the new British Standard (BS 5489: 2013) has been published, with its own definition for conflict areas, there is a need for a document that assists the lighting professional in applying the correct procedures to conflict areas.

This Professional Lighting Guide PLG02, not only gives a clearer picture of various types of conflict area but assists the designer in determining if a junction is a conflict area and explains the functions of lighting conflict areas, along with the extent of the conflict area, something which in the past has given constant concern to the lighting designer.

This Professional Lighting Guide is now referenced in the new British Standard and is a ‘must have’ for any lighting designer who is required to design any type of road lighting scheme.

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