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PLG01 offers guidance on selecting, installing & operating CMS (companion to PLG08 Guidance on the Application of Adaptive Lighting within the Public Realm).


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PLG01 is a companion document to PLG08 Guidance on the Application of Adaptive Lighting within the Public Realm. It offers advice and guidance on the issues and pitfalls of selecting, installing and operating CMS. It also offers guidance on getting the most out of CMS through operational benefits such as reduced energy consumption and maintenance savings and guidance on networks, network security issues and IT security within an organisational framework. This document offers step-by-step guidance for:

  • Those thinking of installing CMS
  • Those new to CMS and want to know how to get the best out of it
  • Those that have installed CMS and need to be updated with the latest thinking on the subject

It identifies the different roles of those involved in the operation of CMS:

  • the asset owner
  • the asset manager
  • the asset maintenance organisation
  • and those installing or modifying assets through improvement schemes or new developments.

PLG01 offers advice as to who needs to do what, when they need to do it and how it should be done and communicated. Essential for:

  • Exterior lighting asset owners: public transport, docks & harbour authorities, retail and leisure, facility owners, parks and gardens operators, large architectural lighting operators
  • Local authorities, estate managers, highways, rail and health authorities

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