A small team of ILP volunteers has created a project bridging the gap between lighting researchers and practitioners.

The aim is that this will help practitioners provide evidence to clients and lead to better lighting.

Lighting for Good is an online platform for lighting researchers, designers, engineers and manufacturers where…
• Practitioners can ask for evidence about lighting issues
• Designers and manufacturers can find answers to support their design recommendations
• MSc and PhD students can get ideas and support with topics for their dissertations
• Students, researchers and companies can find collaborators The Lighting for Good team hopes that this will lead to more useful, relevant evidence for the profession to benefit from.

We invite you to join the platform!
Log into MyILP portal: https://ilpportal.zenzero.co.uk/Account/Login and this will take you to a screen where you can click on Lighting for Good

You may be asked to enter your email and password again (because it’s your first time on the forum but from then on it won’t ask) – then you will be in the Lighting for Good forum.

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If you have forgotten how to log into MyILP portal, please contact us.