Light, Seen is a series of interactive CPD showcases from the ILP.

We know lighting service providers and manufacturers are missing the opportunities that face to face exhibitions bring.

We know that specifiers are not finding it easy to discover new suppliers and products.

And we know that the ILP can bring us all together – so we are pleased to introduce Light, Seen.

Each online session is given over to a case study of a project using products or services from one of our Premier members.

People involved in the project take the audience through the story of a project, explaining what is special about it, illustrated with images and video.

This is not another webinar, it is a two-way experience for an online live audience who can ask questions and actively participate.

There are no upcoming in-person events at this time, please register your interest for future events by emailing via the contact details on this page.

Charge Light

Lamppost charging is changing. Are you ready to enter the next generation?

Lucy Zodion

Do you understand the difference between an isolator and a cut-out? For those that need a refresher on this often misunderstood, yet vital area of street lighting infrastructure.

TRT Lighting

For visual comfort with LED lighting the best way forward is sideways – Introducing Light Guide Technology.


Light has inspired art, religion and science; it holds the secrets of the universe.



The term Circular Economy is gaining a resonance across the lighting industry as it presents its own challenges and opportunities. This presentation will highlight some of the key aspects of the requirements.

Charles Endirect

The need for electric vehicle charging infrastructure is pressing. Discover the technology behind feeder pillars and learn what to consider.

Deliver a Session

Each Premier Member is invited to deliver one Light, Seen session per membership year. If you would like to make a plan, please get in touch with Sue Fay to arrange a mutually convenient date for your Light, Seen session.


Can my content be commercially biased?

Content can be commercially biased but must include an element of learning/CPD/knowledge sharing, and must not include any material which is negative towards other organisations.

How long do we get?

30 minutes split between the presentation and the question/chat time. Our experience shows that this is a good length of time to get information across without losing the audience’s attention.

Why is this better than organising our own company talk?

Delivering a Light, Seen session means that the lighting community can see your support of the ILP. Your session will be chaired by an ILP member of staff, jointly branded, and promoted to ILP members.

Tell us about the story you have and we will make sure ILP members know about it, using our email database and social media channels.

Afterwards, the recording can be uploaded to this page, meaning you can reach an on-demand audience around the world.

Of course, we encourage you to promote it as well.

What should we bear in mind when planning our session?

Your preferred platform – we will host on Zoom or Teams according your preference.

We encourage you to consider the diversity balance of the presenters you put forward.

Registration will be handled by the ILP, and data shared with you where permission is given by the attendee.

Plan ahead! There is a minimum lead time of 3 weeks from agreeing a session, to delivery of the event.

The sessions are free to attend and all are welcome.

Think about your story. The more interesting you make it, the better outcome you will have.

Can we make our session extra special?

Yes – we encourage creativity and interaction.

You may want to provide sustainable goody bags in advance to certain attendees and we can help you organise this.

You may want to get hands on – and include a product demonstration, either by yourself or an audience member.

Or you may have other ideas – let us know!


What do we need to do next?

To make this a success, as soon as we agree a date, we then need from you:


  1. An attention grabbing title
  2. A paragraph or two explaining what the session will cover, who will benefit from attending and why
  3. Information on the speakers who will be involved: name, title, contact details and a sentence about their expertise
  4. Your company logo for us to use as we promote and brand the session
  5. Images we can use to promote the session
  6. Details of social media accounts you would like us to tag

To arrange your session, contact Sue Fay at the ILP

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.