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Street lighting control networks, the platform for Smart City applications.

As project paybacks continue to fall and energy input costs continue to occupy a significant portion of municipal operating expenditure, smart lighting control can slash annual operating and maintenance costs. Our T-Light™ family offers Smart Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems differentiated by their coverage, features, configurations, and prices. Energy savings are created by dimmable streetlights, scheduled night levels, improved customer service, outage detection, enhanced public safety, real time monitoring and status, and emergency department coordination.

Telematics Wireless continues to create value for customers by using our lighting control networks as a platform for Smart City devices and sensors, integrating services and data collection points. We minimize costs, create the ability to bring online quickly the latest Smart City innovations, and accelerate payback to municipalities. Smart city sensors utilize the smart network through the Lighting Control Unit (LCU) to provide a wide variety of applications for smart cities.

With over 20 years of experience in Machine-to-Machine M2M technologies and over 14 million wireless devices deployed, Telematics wireless is an expert in connecting smart devices.

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