Lighting and Covid 19: Frequently Asked Questions III

Jun 9, 2020 | Industry, Technical

Here are some more FAQs which we hope will help you. Our first set of FAQs was published here on 14 April 2020 and the second set was published here on 1 May 2020.

Should I be worried about vandalism of street lighting equipment by people who are against the 5G mobile network? Could I be injured?

We have heard of some reported instances where lighting equipment and 5G mobile network masts have been damaged by people accusing 5G networks of spreading Covid-19. All scientific evidence dismisses the possibility of Covid-19 being spread by 5G equipment. Though some 5G service providers may have aspirations for using lighting columns to host transmitters, none are currently known to exist. There seems to have been some confusion with protestors thinking central managements systems remotely controlling lighting is 5G apparatus. We have heard of allegations of sharp blades being attached to signs on masts, lighting columns and traffic signs. Our advice is to pay special attention to any assets or equipment where there is a possibility of people mistakenly thinking it may house 5G equipment, and follow all safety rules set by your employer.

I’ve heard there is a new British Standard for street lighting – is this true and what are the main changes?

Yes, it’s full title is ‘British Standard 5489-1:2020 Design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas. Code of practice’ – mostly you will hear people refer to it as ‘BS5489’. It has been updated and the latest version was released in May 2020. There are over 3,000 changes in this revised Standard, though most are small. The main changes relate to the S/P ratio where it is now assumed full spectrum light sources (white light) are used that have an colour rendering index Ra > 60. Where this is the case the S/P ratio should not be applied. Where light sources where Ra < 60, the S/P ratio should be applied to increase the lighting requirements. For more help, here is a free ILP CPD webinar you can watch on demand and you can also book onto ILP training courses.

Why do I have to pay for BS5489… can I get a discount through the ILP?

All British Standards are published by the British Standards Institution, a commercial but non-profit distributing company. Its profits are re-invested in the business. It is not owned by and is independent of government. Although ILP volunteers helped write the Standard, the ILP doesn’t sell it or have any say in the price. Your employer may have a membership of BSI meaning they get a discount on BS5489 and depending on where you live you may be able to access British Standards Online via your library.

Photo by Israel Sundsethon Unsplash

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