ILP provides information on the lighting industry to House of Lords debate on Coronavirus and the Economy

Jun 2, 2020 | Government & Policy, Industry

On Thursday 4 June, the House of Lords will be debating the economic lessons learned from the Covid 19 pandemic and the measures necessary to repair the UK economy.

The Institution of Lighting Professionals has written to each Peer who has applied to participate in Lord Eatwell’s debate, highlighting that our members can assist the recovery, help to save the economy and improve public safety and the quality of life in many places. CEO Tracey White has explained the need to restore investment in things like street lighting which is currently in a dangerous state of disrepair in many places. The debate will explore possible major reforms to fiscal policy; whether the Government should facilitate the reallocation of jobs and capital away from the hardest hit sectors of the economy; what measures could be taken if the virus exacerbates inequalities in the UK; and whether the recovery is an opportunity to bring about fundamental changes in the economy and society.

With today’s actions, the Institution of Lighting Professionals has made sure that the House of Lords know that we and our members stand ready to play our part by providing better lighting for all.

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.