ILP members are key to engaging with government on lighting

Jul 13, 2020 | Government & Policy, Industry

The ILP is calling on members to help widen awareness with UK government on the importance of lighting issues.

During the general election last year, the Institution suggested individual members contact candidates to emphasise the importance of lighting issues. This helped to begin some constructive discussions and enabled the ILP to arrange meetings with various parliamentarians, including with the Home Secretary.

Our aim now is to widen awareness about the importance of lighting issues with government at every level, and for those for whom this is appropriate, to seek the help of MPs to do that. A good relationship with local MPs may be important for many businesses or organisations and may also be helpful to all of us seeking to promote excellence in lighting.

If you want to contact an MP, you can use the ‘find your constituency’ section here: You can via the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, but mail may not receive much attention at the moment for obvious reasons. This parliamentary website gives best contact details, including email addresses for local MPs. You may well consider that several MPs may be relevant to you and contact a group of them.

Tracey White, CEO,  told members ‘we suggest that you might want to write along the lines of the below draft letter. The more that you can personalise your communication the better. Above all, you should tailor this letter or email to the specific concerns of your own situation as far as possible. The ILP will continue to engage with parliamentarians directly, but it will be helpful to identify some of those most interested as a result of your communications, so please let me know what you send to any MP and what responses you get. Local authority members who are unable to carry out political activity should regard the draft letter as being for information only.’

Download the draft letter here.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.