ILP Durham CPD Webinar: The Intrigue of Colour

Oct 26, 2021 | CPD, Durham LDC Webinar, Webinars

  1. CPD

We look at how the colour of surfaces within a space lit with LED lighting influences our perception of size and height, what is the first colour seen by infants and how their colour perception range grows, the influence of other colours in our daily lives, art, religion, cars, farming, and more. This is not what you would expect about colour.

Presented by

Philip Hammond – Director and Principal, BHA School of Lighting – Cape Town, South Africa.


Lorraine de Bruyn – Lighting Executive, Perspex SA, and student BHA School of Lighting – Johannesburg, South Africa

Chaired by

Ray Keane BSc IEng MILP, Chair for ILP Durham