ILP Bristol CPD Webinar: LED luminaire repairs: taking the easy way out?

Feb 25, 2021 | Bristol LDC Webinar, Webinars

LEDs are prevalent in public lighting along with their sophisticated circuitry and control electronics. When any part of the solution fails, what is the best action to take? Due to the complexity of the products, one temptation could be to simply replace entire luminaires well before they are at end of life. There are better ways to deal with this. Rebecca and the ILP Bristol team will ask: how can the responsible lighting professional make sure they are truly balancing cost, safety and environmental impact?

This is an informative CPD presentation and discussion to make sure you and your team are aligned with current best practice.

Speaker: Rebecca Hatch MBA IEng MILP, ILP VP Infrastructure

Hosts: Ian Clemetson, Chair and Claire Gough, Vice Chair for ILP Bristol

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