ILP Bristol CPD: Technological Challenges in Smart Public Lighting

Aug 24, 2021 | Bristol LDC Webinar, CPD, Webinars

  1. CPD

Overview of technical challenges within Smart Light Concepts (SLIC) project

In the European research project Smart Light Concepts (SLIC), researchers from Avans University of Applied Sciences and Portsmouth University explore, together with city and provincial authorities in 4 countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands and United Kingdom), different solutions for reducing carbon emissions from public lighting.

The focus of this talk will be on:

• (preliminary) results regarding energy and CO2 emissions reduction achieved by the various pilot projects

• Quantification of diminishing returns of different energy usage reduction strategies

• Differences in Public Lighting approach between different (ex) EU member states

• Technology related success & failure factors in public lighting projects

Find out more about the SLIC project here.

Speaker: Yves Prevoo, Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Hosts: Claire Gough, Chair ILP Bristol and Tom Lewis, Vice Chair ILP Bristol.


Hi Does SLIC accept lanterns that have a D4i driver but not tested in the lantern as a whole?

SLIC does not impose any restrictions on used tech. Municipalities are free to choose.

Does SLIC accept CMS systems that are line of sight tech or does it need to be 4G Nodes?

SLIC does not impose any restrictions on used tech. Municipalities are free to choose.

How can a local authority get funding for an area in these projects?

In the SLIC case areas that are part of the 2 Seas area could participate. See for a map of this

Does SLIC look into hybrid Solar PV lighting? I believe some manufactures have solar PV systems available.

SLIC has 1 project that uses PV power. That project decided it would rather have a standalone PV and battery system as it deemed the hybrid solutions to be too prone to vandalism.

What was the capital expenditure for the battery system versus the standard powered system?

Financial information is not disclosed within SLIC. Only the municipality of Roeselare has access to this information.

Out of interest what control system were Suffolk CC using?

Details of the Suffolk smart lighting project can be found in the recent ILP Lighting Journal article

Has a cost/benefit analysis been carried out on the different dynamic Smart measures and do they all justify implementation (financially)?

This analysis is an important part of SLIC’s final deliverables (not yet completed). These will be ready by the end of 2021.

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