Hours of unrivalled CPD announced for ILP Summit

Apr 28, 2022 | CPD, Events, Industry, Professional Lighting Summit

We are pleased to announce some more CPD talks for our Professional Lighting Summit programme, taking place in Bristol.

Tuesday 21 June

Multi-sensory inclusive lighting design: designing for the visually impaired

Dipali Shirsat, Lighting Designer in Dubai and David Gilbey, Founding Director d-lighting

Favouring the sighted has been the core of design practice throughout the years. This dominance of visual biases over other senses have pushed us away from designing inclusive spaces. While many design strategies have been put forward to develop multi-sensory spaces, the lighting industry still has a long way to go. To re-shape human experiences within any space, we must examine how current design practices need to be re-evaluated. Dipali and David will put forward possibilities to create better spaces for all.

By attending this talk, engineers and designers will learn how the approach needs to be redefined. Treating visually impaired people as the default users of the space, will lead to a new way of design thinking.

Protecting the Physical & Digitally-Engineered World

UK Government Security Advisor, CPNI

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel protective security advice. CPNI is part of the National Security apparatus tackling terrorist and state threats. They have a long history of initiating world-leading research and development and providing advice on securing critical infrastructure, crowded places, sensitive technologies, digital engineering, open data initiatives, advanced manufacturing processes, automotive and intelligent transport system security and managing the security of smart city initiatives.

Highly recommended by the ILP Technical Director, this session will show the range of malicious threats facing the public and private sectors and the vulnerabilities that can be mitigated by forethought and proportionate countermeasures that enable rather than inhibit the desired innovation.

Collected light – female artists

Sharon Stammers and Dr Martin Lupton, Light Collective/Co-founders – Women In Lighting 

This inspirational talk is a small step toward trying to redress an unfair balance. Sharon and Martin will showcase the work of female artists working with light around the globe – from neon to daylight, interaction to reflection, colour to shadow and much more. That we are still in a time where it is necessary to use the word ‘female’ in front of ‘artist’ in order to promote these artists work speaks much about the need for this talk to exist. 

A thought-provoking discussion for all involved in exterior lighting installations, who would like to bring art to spaces. Engineers, designers and contractors working with light will find their creativity enhanced and leave ready to inject this into their own work.

Wednesday 22 June

Designing for Night-time: Safer Cities after Dark

Richard Morris CEng MIET MSLL MILP and Alison Gallagher BA MSc MSLL, Arup

Everyone’s experience of the night-time is different. To create truly inclusive spaces, voices historically omitted from decision making processes should be an integral design consideration. However, urban lighting design often follows a minimum compliance approach with little consideration of human perceptions of safety, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or age.

Alison and Richard will explain Arup’s research project to understand how lighting affects perceptions of safety. It demonstrates how lighting design is a vehicle for cities to ensure that built environments support and implement gender equity goals of inclusion, equality, and diversity; improving night-time wellbeing for all. They will reveal the methodology and findings of the research and introduce the tool created as a result.

Everyone who delivers exterior lighting installations has a responsibility towards the public and should attend this CPD talk to become better equipped to provide inclusive environments.

Sustainable lighting and who is responsible for it?

Aliz Sanduj BEng MA, chapmanbdsp

Being a lighting designer comes with a responsibility towards the: people, planet and the future; sustainability ties these elements together. One of the main issues the lighting industry is currently facing is that there is no clear definition of sustainable lighting. Most of the definitions solely focus on energy efficiency and natural light. Some other definitions are way too vague to follow. Therefore, we need to create our own definition and as such, we need to measure it during the design process.

This is essential for all specifiers, designers, and asset owners – make sure to attend this discussion and be part of this increasingly important conversation.

Digital media displays… The worst light polluters?

Allan Howard BEng(Hons) CEng FILP FSLL, WSP

Digital media displays have developed from small scale fixed illuminated signage to enormous multimedia video imaging. Planning requirements have failed to understand the additional environmental, human, and safety consequences of these. Allan will report on CIE and ILP’s work and revision of ILP document PLG05 Brightness of illuminated advertisements including digital media displays.

The presentation will cover how factors such as screen brightness by day (as well as night) needs consideration, how impact on skyglow can be mitigated, and how the types and format of the display matter – from fixed image through to stunning 3D video imagery.

Planning and highway authorities must wake up to the challenges of these installations. As lighting professionals, we should be consulted on their location, intensity, content, and design. From this talk you will learn about the requirements and what controls can be applied, so you can make a positive contribution to the world around you.

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