GN13/22: Surge Protection for Exterior Lighting Installations Launched

Nov 15, 2022 | Important notices, Technical

BS7671 2018 ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’, known as the ‘Wiring Regulations’, specifically deals with Surge Protection Devices. This revised Standard gives advice and new criteria for where these devices should be installed. This includes a simplified assessment when SPDs are required, stating that:

“Protection against transient over-voltages shall be provided where the consequence caused by over-voltage:

  1. Results in serious injury to, or loss of, human life or
  2. Results in interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage or
  3. Results in interruption of commercial or industrial activity, or
  4. Affects a large number of co-located individuals.”

GN13/22 examines the various causes of transient overvoltage, their characteristics then guides you through the risk assessment process. It goes on to assist in the decision making and describes the types of devices available and how to specify them. The guidance goes on to suggest where they could be located to give protection and ease of maintenance including examples of SPDs in typical exterior lighting installations.

This vital document has been developed to assist asset managers, designers and specifiers understand the different types of SPD and how they can be used to protect installations in an exterior lighting environment.

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