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Light, Seen with TRT: for visual comfort the best way forwards is sideways

19 January 2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am
Camera on, interactive CPD: for visual comfort with LED lighting the best way forward is sideways – Introducing Light Guide Technology

Your invitation to participate in Light, Seen – a camera on, interactive CPD showcase

For visual comfort with LED lighting the best way forward is sideways – Introducing Light Guide Technology

In the past when designs have required low mounting heights and high levels of visual comfort, indirect lighting and diffusers have been used. In this presentation, ILP Premier member TRT will detail a new alternative to these solutions. Light Guide technology makes use of LEDs but with no high luminance sources being visible and provides a comfortable light emitting surface of even brightness. The function and benefits of Light Guide technology will be explained and two lanterns making use of it will be shown.

This presentation will be of interest and use to lighting designers and urban designers as it details a new tool available to them for public realm lighting projects. It will also be of use to adopting authorities, specifiers and contractors as it provides detailed technical information on the functionality of luminaires using Light Guide technology.

The presenter will be Nic Winter, TRT UK Road and Amenity Lighting sales manager, nic.winter@trtlighting.co.uk. Nic has 20 years’ experience of seeking to understand the challenges faced by clients and meeting these challenges with available technology and talking about lighting to anyone interested.

This session is a mix of CPD and company information brought to you in a collaboration between the ILP and Premier member, TRT. Our Light, Seen initiative provides a connection whilst we can’t hold face to face exhibitions –so we politely remind our audience to refrain from discussing other companies during the session, just as you would on an exhibition stand.

Everyone is welcome, with your camera on and questions encouraged.

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