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Electrics and Emergencies: Immersive Lighting Experience Day

15 September 2022 11:30 am - 3:30 pm
Electrical feuds, immersive emergency escape experience, and a focus on the future – this YLP CPD offers you an enriching day.


A warm welcome: arrival, registration and refreshments


After 120 years is the AC vs DC current war of Edison and Tesla breaking out again?

Nic Winter, TRT Lighting

Benedict Cumberbatch starred in The Current War movie… Now Nic Winter brings us the lighting professional’s take on the extreme rivalry between Edison and Westinghouse as each battled to determine whether AC or DC electrical supply would become standard. The dramatic feud sounds far fetched but astonishingly included bribery of the inventor of the electric chair. The winners were camp AC with that being supplied into our homes to this very day.

Nic will ask whether it is time for the status quo to change. 25% of user demand now is for DC. LEDs are DC devices. Ditto electric vehicle charging. And solar panels. Everything battery powered calls for a DC solution. So is the reign of AC coming to an end? The talk will explain the research and experiments going on to decide the future, including DC street lights and what we need to know about them now and for tomorrow.

We are standing at a pivotal point in electrical history. Everyone is welcome at this CPD session – whatever your current role, become more knowledgeable and better prepared to provide lighting safely and competently in the future.

12.45 Lunch


Immersive CPD Carousel

In smaller groups, we will rotate activities. They are all optional, and inclusive. Please let us know in advance any specific needs you have so that we can adapt the experiences where needed.

Live Action Emergency Evacuation

Experience an emergency evacuation from a typical school classroom with and without operational emergency lighting. Look out for the skeleton but don’t worry, we promise not to leave you in the dark.

Light Quality Experience

In this space, you will see, feel and explore light and lighting. With a focus on visual comfort, understand how to mitigate or eliminate glare and improve your decision making, efficiency at work and concentration levels. Explore too the importance of colour temperature and the colour rendering qualities of the LED light sources we use.

Spectator Space

Night vision hi tech cameras give us a live view into the escape room – a fascinating insight into technology and psychology, reinforcing the fact that the reason we design and provide light must always be for the benefit of people and the planet.

CPD Career Networking

Meet approachable lighting professionals in a supportive and relaxed setting. If you are brand new and don’t know anyone else, we will help you to meet others, and learn how you can develop your lighting career. Alternatively you may be in need of a mentor, CPD advice, would like to upgrade your membership, or perhaps a more seasoned member of the community who would like to pay it forward and support others. Whatever your situation, this event is for you.

Stay as long as you like; we expect the event will conclude around 3.30pm.

Thank you to ILP Premier Members TRT Lighting for hosting this CPD day at Thorlux Application Centre.

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15th September, 2022
11:30 am - 3:30 pm
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TRT Lighting & Thorlux Application Centre
Merse Road
Redditch, Worcestershire B98 9HH United Kingdom

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