Domestic Exterior Lighting: new guidance note released

Mar 19, 2019 | ILP Guidance Notes

The ILP releases new guidance note that advises on how best to install domestic exterior lighting to ensure it serves the required purpose and provides the correct level of illumination. It will not then become a cause for concern to adjacent residents or affect the natural environment surrounding your property. Whilst you may be happy with a light that illuminates half the street, your neighbours may not be.

This document will be of use to all those considering installing or changing external lighting on their property; be it domestic or commercial premises. The principles described in the document are valid for all installations and although it has been written, primarily, for the UK exterior lighting market, it could be applicable anywhere in the world.

GN09 is a vital publication aimed at domestic or commercial property owners, exterior lighting professionals, asset managers, contractors, buildings services professionals and lighting manufacturers. It provides guidance about what type of lighting it is best to install and how choosing the wrong equipment or installing it incorrectly can cause significant disturbance to neighbouring properties, ecology and the night sky.

GN09 updates any previous documents on the subject to include the use of LED lighting.

You can view this document by clicking here.

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