A career as a lighting professional can take many different shapes because lighting touches so many areas of life.

Lighting professionals fulfil an array of roles including engineers, designers, manufacturers, artists, sales and much more.

A lighting professional’s career path can be flexible, involving study, training and on the job experience.

The ILP is here to provide training, support and CPD throughout your career.



Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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Job Vacancy Service

The ILP has relaunched it’s job vacancy service to ensure the best opportunities for profiling your company and position in front of top lighting professionals – over 2000 individuals.

We have extended the platforms available to showcase your vacancy: from a weekly job vacancy notice, the ILP website and now also our twitter site with over 2200 followers – members and lighting industry affiliates.

Advertise your vacancy on our website and in our job vacancy notices. With our growing membership, your vacancy will reach 95% of our members through our job vacancy notice, as well as a large number of non-members who visit our website.

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Competency for Lighting Professionals

This information is designed for any lighting professional to assist them with developing their lighting career.

It is also used as guidance for project managers and team managers to determine competence and skill requirements for the lighting discipline, and to use to provide a basis for training budgets and justify attendance at technical meetings and seminars.

There is no set path to achieve a specific set of career skills; rather there is a multitude of different options for education and training available, to provide the foundation for achieving these skills. This information will assist the professional to choose the most efficient path for their individual professional development.

This guidance is for all lighting professionals at whatever stage of their career and in whatever lighting discipline they are working. It is equally applicable to new trainees or senior designers, and for those professionals in sales, manufacturing, design, research or any other lighting related field.

The guide provides a framework through which lighting professionals can map their professional development through their career and develop their competence.

    The ILP Competency for Lighting Professionals guide explains:

    • What is it?
    • Who needs it? 
    • Why me?
    • When do I need to demonstrate my competency?
    • How do I demonstrate my competency?
    • Understanding limits of competence
    • Grading your level of competency
    • Competency and ILP membership
    • Competency solutions