Brand new document from the ILP: GN12 The Smart Column

Mar 31, 2021 | ILP Guidance Notes, Industry, Technical

The acceleration in roll-out of new communications equipment and smart-cities infrastructure is happening in many towns and cities. These facilities can deliver economies of scope and scale in service delivery driving costs down whilst improving the service user experience. Similarly, the roll-out of communications services such as 5G mobile phone infrastructure or city centre Wi-Fi networks will enhance the worker and visitor experience at a time when city centre retail is under pressure from on-line retailers.

All this infrastructure needs a power supply and height for the transmission and receipt of radio signals, sending information to and from this apparatus. So, what better way of hosting this than the humble street light? It’s plentiful, they are spaced every 40 metres or so in the road, they have an electrical supply and they have height.

ILP Guidance Note 12 The Smart Lighting Column has been published to help those developing, planning, constructing or managing attachments to lighting columns. It is particularly relevant to those requiring power. This document is, therefore, is essential reading for lighting asset managers, 5G mobile phone network providers, town and city councils planning smart city applications and those planning communication roll-outs using lighting columns.

Having two different organisations on the same infrastructure shouldn’t be an issue if there is careful planning to ensure the lighting columns have sufficient strength and there is room for discrimination of electrical supplies. GN12 identifies the issues to be considered and offers practical advice to all concerned.

You can download the document for free here.

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