The President of the Institution of Lighting Professionals has the role of representing the Institution both nationally and regionally, within our membership and spreading the word to other organisations both professional and political.

The first President of the ILP was S B Langlands who served in 1924, when the Institution was first established.

Current and Past Presidents, their year of inauguration, and AGM venue, are listed below.

Year Conference Venue President
2022 Bristol F Horgan
2021 Online F Horgan
2020 Online A Smith
2019 Newcastle A Smith
2018 Thame C Fish
2017 Glasgow A Jaques
2016 Brighton K Grigg
2015 Chester E Thomas
2014 Solihull M Cooper
2013 Glasgow M Johnson
2012 Brighton P Lummis
2011 Harrogate A Howard
2010 Kenilworth A Scott
2009 Bournemouth C Hardy
2008 Bristol M Burrows
2007 Dublin P Craven
2006 Manchester S Capper
2005 Edinburgh J R Cameron
2004 London D C Rogers
2003 Glasgow D G McNair
2002 Cardiff N J Parry
2001 Sheffield C R Stevenson
2000 London T S Bulmer
1999 Portsmouth C R Lane
1998 Edinburgh P E Baldrey
1997 Blackpool C R Lane
1996 Cambridge N E Pollard
1995 Birmingham D J Coatham
1994 Lancaster M D Simpson
1993 Bournemouth G C T Pritchard
1992 Swansea D M Paylor
1991 Birmingham G Channon
1990 York M Hollinhurst
1989 Bournemouth R W Paterson
1988 Coventry P D Wright
1987 Blackpool D C Webster
1986 Cambridge S Cairns
1985 Brighton K Shaw
1984 York B R Austin
1983 Blackpool A Elliott OBE
1982 Cambridge J A Davidson
1981 Brighton N S Macaulay
1980 York B Ruston
1979 Ayr F Millington
1978 Bristol J W Dorrington
1977 Folkestone D J Saunderson
1976 Blackpool R E Cavalier
1975 Brighton K T O Cox
1974 Eastbourne D R Colvin
1973 Scarborough B R Austin
1972 Harrogate H J Slater
1971 Eastbourne J Woodhouse
1970 Blackpool K J Goddard
1969 Brighton J R Brodie
1968 Harrogate D R Colvin
1967 Eastbourne H F Cork TD
1966 Blackpool W R Stevens OBE
1965 Brighton W Robinson
1964 Edinburgh T M Lappin
1963 Eastbourne W T Souter
1962 Blackpool J H Morrison
1961 Scarborough E C Lennox
1960 Folkestone R C Smith MBE
1959 Aberdeen R Parker
1958 Harrogate G Berry
1957 Torquay H Carpenter
1956 Blackpool H Carpenter
1955 Folkestone J M Waldram
1954 Eastbourne L A Doxey
1953 Liverpool C C Smith
1952 Harrogate E Howard
1951 Brighton H Pryce-Jones JP
1950 Bournemouth P Richbell
1949 Llandudno A S Tapsfield
1948 Eastbourne N Boydell
1947 Southport T Wilkie
1946 London W N Clinch
1945 Glasgow E J Stewart
1938 – 1944 Bournemouth C H Woodward
1937 Folkestone C I Winstone
1936 Cheltenham E C Lennox
1935 London A M Bell
1934 Aberdeen A Forbes
1933 Margate E M Severn
1932 Blackpool H Davies
1931 Edinburgh R Beveridge
1930 Leicester T Wilkie
1929 Bournemouth S B Langlands
1928 Sheffield J F Colquhoun
1927 Brighton A C Cramb
1926 Newcastle Upon Tyne A Davison
1925 Leeds C S Shapley OBE
1924 Glasgow S B Langlands

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.