Two days of topical, relevant presentations from experts in several fields of lighting, combined with a programme of sponsored workshops, sessions and exhibition.

DAY 1 Presentations

Peter Raynham MSc BSc CEng FILP MCIBSE

Professor of the Lit Environment, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)

The Impact of Light and Dark on Crime

Based on a study of Met Police crime records, the authors have looked at changes between day and night to examine the relationship between light and crime. Professor Raynham will present this academic paper in his well-known accessible style, meaning we can all learn from the work of the university.

Essential for decision makers in outdoor public realm lighting: consultants, policy makers and local authority engineers.

Discover what Peter et al have learnt – what is the true picture here with light and crime?

Nick Griffin IEng MILP

Associate of WSP

Lighting the way to Net Zero

Nick will reveal the complex and ambitious delivery of the National Highways (England) LED upgrade programme, including the application of TM66 Creating a circular economy in the lighting industry. Nick will share how best practice has been distilled into the scheme, believed to be the largest of its kind, and give you lessons and successes to use in your own work at any scale.

Relevant for local authority consultants and engineers as well as suppliers and designers.

Increase your knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of TM66.

Perry Hazell

Business Manager, Asset Management Services, Southwark Council

Net Zero Goals

By popular demand, we bring to the national stage this session which was already delivered to great acclaim in ILP Scotland.

Let Perry and London Borough of Southwark take you on a journey to Net Zero, with the rollout of EV charging points, introduction of an EV maintenance fleet and other sustainable transport, depot upgrades and use of solar lighting.

All local authorities in an urban setting will find this an important paper.

Add to your knowledge of modern technologies to benefit the planet.

Jo Harding

Sales Development Director, Anolis Lighting

Lighting for architectural and media facades

A rare chance to hear from one of the industry’s most experienced figures. Jo will discuss the latest design guidance on the lighting of facades with consideration to sustainability and environmental protection. Learn how to apply ILP Professional Lighting Guide 05. The use of dynamic lighting and media displays in these applications will also be discussed.

Valuable for architectural and public realm lighting designers and consultants.

Benefit from Jo’s expertise and discover how to create an impact without damaging the environment.

Luciana Martinez

Assoc IALD, Light Follows Behaviour

Beyond the Red Line

The red line or project scope line defines the area of design. For other design professions this defined line is logical. But light does not respect the red lines of a project so how should we proceed?

Consultants, planners, building designers and everyone who wants to improve their teamwork skills is invited to this session.

This paper will discuss the importance of collaborative team working in delivering successful projects.

Alan Grant

Designs and Development Director, DW Windsor

Trends in exterior lighting – how can we communicate these more widely?

As the lighting industry evolves, new trends and technologies are emerging to help designers and manufacturers create more efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Alan will discuss dark sky lighting, smart technology, reduction of waste and sustainability.

A helpful session for those new to the profession or seeking a refreshing overview of the industry.

Discover trends in areas you may not currently work on and take away information to share with stakeholders and clients.

House of Harding: The importance of professional voices in making an impact

The ILP has been collaborating and communicating widely to make an impact where it matters. Technical Manager Guy Harding chairs a panel who will inform you about the discussions on DESNZ/ BEIS proposals on LED efficiency, the submission guidelines, and the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in person evidence session on light pollution.

EUR ING Guy Harding BSc(Hons) CEng FILP MSLL

will be joined by

Bob Bohannon MSc. FSLL MIET

Allan Howard BEng(Hons) CEng FILP FSLL

Stuart Morton Eng Tech MILP

Andrew Bissell BEng (Hons) CEng FSLL MILP MCIBSE

Find out what your membership body is doing to ensure that lighting plays a part in improving society and the planet.

DAY 2 Presentations

Alan Jackson

Intelligent Lighting Specialist, Director, Helvar Limited

Thet Oo

Wired Solutions, Director, Helvar Limited

Buildings of the future – how to use controls for lighting and environment benefits

Intelligent lighting, smart sensing, interoperable building services and wellbeing are intrinsically linked. Learn how to make workplaces designed for people and that are more comfortable, productive, and healthy.

This talk is particularly helpful for building service engineers and designers.

Widen your knowledge of interior lighting design and technology.

Emily Bolt BEng (Hons)

Technical Services Manager, Signify

Public Spaces of the future – how to use lighting controls for best impact

How can lighting controls benefit a local authority, especially during the energy crisis? Emily will explore the building blocks of a smart city, including the Zhaga D4i joint certification program. Where has it come from? Why should lighting professionals choose to specify ZD4i certified products?

This talk is particularly helpful for local authority engineers and consultants.

Discover how to achieve the energy savings promised by recent technology.

Andy Statham


Repairing cast iron columns – a circular approach to cherishing heritage assets

Calling all ‘Repair Shop fans’! Join us to hear about the longevity of these assets and the public passion for conserving old fashioned lamp posts. Andy will show some common cast iron lighting column issues, and methods for dealing with them. He will also talk about carbon emissions related to the manufacture of new assets and the obvious reduction associated with repair.

Every local authority engineer can expect to deal with this issue once or twice in their career. Discover what you need to be aware of when that time comes, to act with competence and professionalism, keeping assets safe.

David Lodge MILP CEng ICE


The Buckaroo conundrum: how much can we add to a column? Regulations PAS 190 / 191

Local Authorities and National Highways asset owners use lighting columns for supporting signs, traffic signals, CCTV, banners or seasonal decorations. The move to CMS, ‘Smart’ services, has led to the installation of traffic sensing radar, air quality meters and wifi antennae.

David Lodge outlines who has responsibility for ensuring that these installations are safe, structurally and electrically, and highlights other considerations raised by PAS 190 and PAS 191 that must be addressed before signing off permissions.

Jack Ellerby

Dark Skies Cumbria Officer

Good lighting approaches for dark skies

Jack is new to the field of lighting. Working across Cumbria, he’ll share some of his learning and fresh approaches to tackling light pollution. Covering planning guidance, whole settlement audits, collaborative project working with public and private lighting professionals, monitoring, and inspiring communities and individuals to take action.

Amanda Reece BSc (Hons) IEng MILP MIET

Senior Lighting Engineer, Designs for Lighting

Women in engineering and lighting – past, present and future

Engineering students are often taught about successful men, unaware of the engineer inventors of items we use every day that happened to be women. Building on the success of her Lighting Journal article revealing this, Amanda will examine women of the past, the present and the future and how we tackle equality and equity in the workplace.

An inspiring talk for everyone.

Don’t miss this key session as we put the founding mothers back on the map, celebrate the success of women in lighting and raise the importance of closing the gender gap in terms of wage, promotions, senior leadership roles and education.

Anthony Smith IEng FILP

Director, Stainton Lighting Design Services Limited

We’ve spent millions on street lighting: it is fixed, isn’t it?

The last 20 years have seen huge changes in the local authority lighting landscape; firstly, PFI projects, followed by a significant number of energy efficiency projects. This has created unprecedented investment in highway and amenity lighting. Anthony will start a conversation about potential maintenance and asset management shortfalls, statutory requirements and risks associated with not having a plan going forward.

A fascinating paper for local authority engineers and consultants.

Anthony is renowned for making a dry subject interesting. Come along and find out more.

Elizabeth Thomas BSc(Eng) CEng, FILP, MCMI

Public Lighting Manager, Engineering and Transportation, Walsall Council

Annette Bowdery MILP

Lighting and Street works Manager, Islington Council

Expiry of the PFI – the end of an era of partnership

The public private finance initiative was popular in the 1990s as it provided the necessary grants for services in the public sector. This paper will highlight the implications and complications working towards the final expiry of these contracts.

Local authority lighting engineers and consultants will find this session extremely relevant.

Hear from the experts and realise what you need to plan, to prepare for the future.

The ILP seeks to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any concerns about applying for membership / attending our Exterior Lighting Diploma courses, LDC local events or our one-day courses for whatever reason please let us know and we will try to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that you can fully engage with the ILP.